Infinite Me EP

by Infinite Me

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Four songs recorded live in a room on January 31st, 2015.


released February 20, 2015

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jeremy Tappero at Pound Sound Studios.

Artwork by Sara Legel.



all rights reserved


Infinite Me Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Overcast
You’re free to leave whenever you feel the need. I’ll walk the 30 miles home while you’re asleep alone. I’m not bringing you flowers or an apology; I’m bringing a box for all my things.

If you haven’t let me down already I promise you’ll find away

I’ll be around I spin counter-clock-wise. I had to mentally prepare myself not to drink the entire bottle of wine, because I take the things I think I’ve earned. It’s vital to dwell on all my mistakes cause I don’t understand the tone my voice makes. It’s not worth the risk of not flinching. Don’t save me from my perspective and your empty hand

I just hope that no one sees me like this, I’m pretty sure they all just did. But the sky is kind to me, there is no clouds in my sky.
Track Name: Hallowed
I feel the weight of regret; I don’t feel the weight of being alive yet. All I feel are smoke and mirrors as I rebuild what was left of me. All I could do was be alone with you. It didn’t concern the words more hollow then the skull they pass through. And the hell I go through doesn’t compare to the weight of simply passing through this life alone. I’m secluded from everyone I know. I am home when I’m free to roam. You wouldn’t know. You really would have known.

I did all I could do but I couldn’t fix you. And now that you’re gone I have to carry on. But these scars remind me that my best wasn’t good enough. You wouldn’t know.

It’s got to all be in my head. Or am I just too much of a fool to recognize the depth of what you said. It’s haunting; it’s shaking me to my core. I don’t want to be afraid of you anymore.
I am home when I’m free to roam you wouldn’t know. You really would have known. All I could do was pray alone to you but my words are more hollow then the heavens they pass through.

It takes everything in me not to choke on my words because my prayers taste like poison and my apathy will kill me. Don’t empathize, I won’t apologize. I feel the weight of regret and everything you put me through. You wouldn’t know.
Track Name: Lotus Sutra
Let the falling snow bury me. Let it cover me and wash me. The chill in the air was shaped by the words I wish I couldn’t hear but the air was clear. I can’t feel anything you want me to feel because I can’t hear any tones integrity.

The ice didn’t melt when I saw the way it felt being trapped with the cards you were dealt. It didn’t feel like being held. I let the snow thaw and the trees bear fruit while my body feeds the earth and drinks the morning dew. I can’t watch over you.

I’m not reflected in your eyes. You’re not the shadow in mine. When I turn and walk away I want you to do the same. It’s water over me but I walked out on the lake anyway just to drown in your cold wake. I can’t watch over you.

I’d sleep much better if I knew he wasn’t prodigal and my name is not wasting away. I bet it’s the words I couldn’t say that kept me at bay. It kept me at bay.
Track Name: Fleeting
Lessons learned through burn holes in my sleeves won’t let me figure out how to leave. It’s the corners of smiles that leak words meant to be left for more desperate times than these. It’s the corners of rooms left locked and unseen by me. I have my own reasons for spreading myself thin. I need to remain passively involved in everything.

I’m feeling more and more at home when I am left alone. I can feel your eyes blushing my face. I can see your tail lights and I’m fine. The rain can cure me with time and I know your eyes can darken the sky.

I’ve been losing track of time I’ve spent waiting on the sun to rise. My eyes never close because I’m filling my mind with your tail lights and I’m fine. But you don’t approve of what’s on my mind. Such eyes see me dig up the feet I’ve planted. My mind is willing my body needs the rain because the rain is religious.

The rain won’t come unless you’re crying and I won’t stop until I hear lighting. The feeling of starting over is fleeting when I am sober.